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As a transformer you'll need to hand out all books and worksheets. Make sure all students had glued and named their worksheet neatly

As our job you'll need to write the date in your books every day.
It is also important to hear your name while i"m handing out paperwork to the class.You must clear your desk at all times while the transformers are handing out books or worksheet.Always be focused, For example not chatting to any of your friends or your neighbors.On your desk you must always place your worksheets that are handed,blue and red pen,ruler,scissors and glue sticks.
please follow all instructions to be a successful student.  

Authors Blurb

Lorraine was born on June 19 2004 in Middle More Hospital with asthma and struggling life with breathing problems

Three years past and Lorraine's parents divorced,It was the worst! feeling Lorraine could ever have.Because she was only four years old. A few months past and Lorraine's family traveled to Lorraine's beautiful tropical country Samoa to visit her grandparents.

Four months ended and Lorraine's family arrived in New Zealand.They moved to a small town Cambridge at the age four.Lorraine and her brother Fou participated in Cambridge East Primary School.Then some upcoming excited news delivered to my family,Lorraine's family are going to Australia to attend at her uncle's wedding.

Months past and Lorraine and her family made a decision to move to Hamilton and now she attends to Berkley Normal Middle School with her mother Elaine and her brother Fou.

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