Sunday, 22 May 2016

Aongatete Camp 2016

Welcome back guys.Sorry I haven't been posting lately.Well I have some exciting news my classroom and few of teachers/parents went on camp at Kamai Rages in Aongatete lodge.The camp experience was one of the most challenging of all of the other camps I went so far.First I'm going to talk about the Big Walk In.But first we were dropped off by bus at the start of the walk and we had to meet at my school around 6:15.Anyways you guys might be wondering what the Big Walk in is,Well all the students in my classroom has to complete a walk which usually takes for 9 hours.Our classroom completed the Big Walk In 9 hours and 51 minutes. Anyway's I would like to thank a few of some teachers/all parents.First Mr Day for spending time with room9 and he had to take up the challenge and leave home to spend time for us.He showed us how the activities worked.Second Mr Ahie for completing the Big Walk In with us he took his time with our class instead of his classroom and he was encouraging us to take up the challenge and finally!! my teacher Mr Cameron to taking his time planning out the lessons and just being one of the BEST!! teachers I had.Thanks to everyone!!!.Here is a video of some photos that were taken at camp hopefully you enjoy them.Thanks Robert for the photos.Please make fullscreen