Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Answering questions about commenting | #16stubc Week 8

#1 What have you enjoyed about commenting?
I have enjoyed getting an opportunity to communicate with others globally and it's also a great! way to receive feedback around the world.
#2 What is annoying about commenting?
One of the most annoying! thing about commenting is always forgetting to include my URL of my blog.I know's it's easy for some of you guys.But's it's *VERY* hard for me.Comment down below if this *happens* to you.
#3 How have you found interesting posts to comment on?
Mostly it's from the student blogging creator/owner Miss W she put's examples of other Amazing!! student/classes blogs from around the whole world in our weekly activities and I also find interesting posts from the student blogging challenge flipboard.
#4 Are your posts getting lots of quality comments ? why or why not?
Yes and some are feedback which is very helpful!!.Last month I emailed Miss W (creator/owner of student blogging challenge) to check out my blog because I changed the design of my blog.She gave me feedback/advice which was excellent!! See you soon