Saturday, 30 April 2016

2000 Views !! | Thank you so much!!

Oh my gosh!!we did it, we reached 2000 page views.This is a huge milestone, it's just CrAzY! I don't even know where to start!.In the past weeks I had faced few challenges I was scared first but this blog made me creative and confident to put ideas out there.All blogger's inspires me worldwide and I encourage everyone out there to be creative and don't let anyone dull you sparkle no matter what!!.It's a huge celebration so I say THANK YOU for not only viewing my blog but commenting.I feel as if i'm not the only one facing challenges it's everyone who's facing the challenge.Its always! hard for me but I suddenly manage to complete the challenges.My advice is "no matter how far you are you're always doing great" please take this moment to think about your achievement.I would like to thank a number of people.First I would like to thank my wonderful teacher Mr Cameron for not only setting up my blog but inspiring and encouraging me to blog.He's always positive and congratulating students for there achievement. I would also like to thank these wonderful students Meghana & Rubeina from my classroom.There blogging workshop helped my classroom a lot recently they helped by making the design of our blogs fantastic! they made it colorful and creative they also improved our blogs by creating fantastic! headers and profiles for us as students and finally Miss W, she is the student blogging challenge creator/owner she posts up challenges for us competitors to complete.Students/Classes around the world competes.The challenges are every week.Anyway I would love to thank her for giving me brilliant! feedback and inspiring students all around the world.One more time THANK YOU.See you soon.Thanks Pinterist for the image.

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