Saturday, 16 April 2016

What school lunch's are like in New Zealand

You might be wondering what school lunch's are like around New Zealand well luckily I'm here to give you the final answer. In New Zealand most kids in school bring their own lunches whether it's sandwiches,yogurt,bars,chips or a piece of fruit.Many schools around New Zealand has canteen/cafeteria it's actually quite popular.But did you know in this country we love being healthy and active which is why some schools in New Zealand are banned from fizzy drinks,lollies even peanut butter Let me tell you how the peanut butter situation all started with, well in my old primary school there were three kids allergic to peanut butter but they actually never realized how dangerous it was, so then it spread around the school which all equaled to seventeen people allergic to peanut butter.CrAzY! right.Did you also know that I once took peanuts to school and the teacher's never realized. And that's how the whole peanut butter situation was actually realistic.School lunches around NZ is actually quite relaxing and enjoyable with healthy snacks.Many parent's, teacher's in New Zealand encourage kids to eat healthy and be active.

Food, songs, stories etc popular in New Zealand

Good afternoon fellow friends.This is today's first student blogging challenge of the holidays.The theme this week (6) is our food and culture which means we get to bring our creativity and think about what is the most popular food,songs etc in your country and even get to learn each others countries popular food,songs etc.Have fun.