Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Plump strawberries

ripe strawberries

bright red heart-shaped strawberries

Hiding under leafy greens.

Greens around strawberry

seeds make the strawberry eat.

Pinch the stem,

have some fun

twist the stem, almost done

Put the berry in your hand

better yet just eat it all up.

Postive note | Negative note

What was interesting? I thought what was interesting is how they got some of the parts of the Disney movies and made it into a copyright story type. Positive note: I liked how they explained what copyright is and how it was inspired from Disney. Negative note: They didn't really explain why is it sometimes difficult and including the part of the law.

Reflection on the student blogging video

Activity 1.
In this video i learnt that once someone has one copy of your picture they have the ability to make more exact copies and share them and they also have the ability to make changes but what if you don't want that.This is where the law comes in although anyone on the computer has the ability to share or change your creation because of copyright law they are **NOT** allowed to do that without your permission but its depending where you live they may have main rules.In United States this is called bear use.This also means that no one can make money from your work without your permission.