Thursday, 25 February 2016

Super 6 (baseball) 2016

First Ever! Super Six In 2016.Mahi Tahi 10 Points and a half, Tainui 12 Points and a half with Te Aroha winning on 13. Then in block 3 Kia Kaha got 9 and a half, Rangahau got 10 points and a half with Aranui winning on 13. The winning teams get a Mufti when your Team Leader decides.

Job description (transformers)


As a transformer you'll need to hand out all books and worksheets.Make sure all students had glued and named their worksheets neatly.

As our job you'll need to write the date in your books every day.
It is also important to hear your name while i"m handing out paperwork to the class.You must clear your desk at all times while the transformers are handing out books or worksheet.Always be focused, For example not chatting to any of your friends or your neighbors.On your desk you must always place your worksheets that are handed,blue and red pen,ruler,scissors and glue sticks.
Please Follow All Instructions To Become A Successful Student.