Thursday, 12 May 2016

Summantive Assessment Task (L.O.I2) | Environmental Issue (Trash/Litter)

Kia Ora, blogger's.This is another post of my summantive assessment task, you guy's might of seen my other presentation with my group last month which was related to our team/school.Anyways before the school holidays my teacher Mr Cameron given us a booklet relating to this inquiry (sharing the planet) student's in room9 had to fill it in with our plan,action,some notes/information.So most of us created a presentation,posters,blogs etc and everyone had to choose a environmental issue and solve it by dong an action.My environmental issue is trash/litter.I know you guys might think it's boring,plain but if you think of it it's actually one of the most's immense environmental issue.Anyway hopefully you enjoyed the presentation.See you soon.
Check out my class blog (summantive task post) to see more presentations!!

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