Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Dance Festival 2016

Today at 7.00 pm in the cultural center at Berkley we are hosting a dance festival performance.All students who are interested in dance gets to have a opportunity of a life time and there are all different types such as contemporary,hip hop,ballet,jazz and much more! I am in cheerleading and hop and I'm so excited!! 
Thanks Mrs Allen :)
Wish me luck

Award Certificate (HL)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

U.O.I - Central Idea - Humans discover through exploration

This article was related to our unit because our central idea is Humans discover through exploration and In the search box I decided to search up discover and this article was magnificent.I thought this article was inspiring to me and interesting to read.It made me wonder what would they do with the 2.8 million year old human jaw, where it would take place and why is it so inspiring! 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Aongatete Camp 2016

Welcome back guys.Sorry I haven't been posting lately.Well I have some exciting news my classroom and few of teachers/parents went on camp at Kamai Rages in Aongatete lodge.The camp experience was one of the most challenging of all of the other camps I went so far.First I'm going to talk about the Big Walk In.But first we were dropped off by bus at the start of the walk and we had to meet at my school around 6:15.Anyways you guys might be wondering what the Big Walk in is,Well all the students in my classroom has to complete a walk which usually takes for 9 hours.Our classroom completed the Big Walk In 9 hours and 51 minutes. Anyway's I would like to thank a few of some teachers/all parents.First Mr Day for spending time with room9 and he had to take up the challenge and leave home to spend time for us.He showed us how the activities worked.Second Mr Ahie for completing the Big Walk In with us he took his time with our class instead of his classroom and he was encouraging us to take up the challenge and finally!! my teacher Mr Cameron to taking his time planning out the lessons and just being one of the BEST!! teachers I had.Thanks to everyone!!!.Here is a video of some photos that were taken at camp hopefully you enjoy them.Thanks Robert for the photos.Please make fullscreen

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Summantive Assessment Task (L.O.I2) | Environmental Issue (Trash/Litter)

Kia Ora, blogger's.This is another post of my summantive assessment task, you guy's might of seen my other presentation with my group last month which was related to our team/school.Anyways before the school holidays my teacher Mr Cameron given us a booklet relating to this inquiry (sharing the planet) student's in room9 had to fill it in with our plan,action,some notes/information.So most of us created a presentation,posters,blogs etc and everyone had to choose a environmental issue and solve it by dong an action.My environmental issue is trash/litter.I know you guys might think it's boring,plain but if you think of it it's actually one of the most's immense environmental issue.Anyway hopefully you enjoyed the presentation.See you soon.
Check out my class blog (summantive task post) to see more presentations!!

Ebola Virus Disease |A global issue I would like to solve|#16stubc

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

5 great comment starters | #16stubc

You should start with a greeting and then your name and where your from/ what school you attend to?.Maybe you could also say something nice like what you love!! about their blog.Examples below!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Answering questions about commenting | #16stubc Week 8

#1 What have you enjoyed about commenting?
I have enjoyed getting an opportunity to communicate with others globally and it's also a great! way to receive feedback around the world.
#2 What is annoying about commenting?
One of the most annoying! thing about commenting is always forgetting to include my URL of my blog.I know's it's easy for some of you guys.But's it's *VERY* hard for me.Comment down below if this *happens* to you.
#3 How have you found interesting posts to comment on?
Mostly it's from the student blogging creator/owner Miss W she put's examples of other Amazing!! student/classes blogs from around the whole world in our weekly activities and I also find interesting posts from the student blogging challenge flipboard.
#4 Are your posts getting lots of quality comments ? why or why not?
Yes and some are feedback which is very helpful!!.Last month I emailed Miss W (creator/owner of student blogging challenge) to check out my blog because I changed the design of my blog.She gave me feedback/advice which was excellent!! See you soon

Monday, 2 May 2016

Creative Writing | Seven doors

SevenDoors.png 1.Which door do you go through? 
2.Why that door? 
A)Because I’ve already watched the movie and Narnia is a very interesting.The word is just amazing! 
3 What happens?
 A) I see the Lion and he says to follow and i followed until we landed into a ice castle as I walked past I see the ice queen and ice king But then I hear sounds coming from walls and cracks……….