Saturday, 30 April 2016

2000 Views !! | Thank you so much!!

Oh my gosh!!we did it, we reached 2000 page views.This is a huge milestone, it's just CrAzY! I don't even know where to start!.In the past weeks I had faced few challenges I was scared first but this blog made me creative and confident to put ideas out there.All blogger's inspires me worldwide and I encourage everyone out there to be creative and don't let anyone dull you sparkle no matter what!!.It's a huge celebration so I say THANK YOU for not only viewing my blog but commenting.I feel as if i'm not the only one facing challenges it's everyone who's facing the challenge.Its always! hard for me but I suddenly manage to complete the challenges.My advice is "no matter how far you are you're always doing great" please take this moment to think about your achievement.I would like to thank a number of people.First I would like to thank my wonderful teacher Mr Cameron for not only setting up my blog but inspiring and encouraging me to blog.He's always positive and congratulating students for there achievement. I would also like to thank these wonderful students Meghana & Rubeina from my classroom.There blogging workshop helped my classroom a lot recently they helped by making the design of our blogs fantastic! they made it colorful and creative they also improved our blogs by creating fantastic! headers and profiles for us as students and finally Miss W, she is the student blogging challenge creator/owner she posts up challenges for us competitors to complete.Students/Classes around the world competes.The challenges are every week.Anyway I would love to thank her for giving me brilliant! feedback and inspiring students all around the world.One more time THANK YOU.See you soon.Thanks Pinterist for the image.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

If your family are stranded on a deserted island, with nothing but your clothes.How will you entertain yourselves?

What this weeks challenge is it about???
Good evening bloggers :) Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.This week's Student Blogging Challenge (7) is Work then play which means you get to choose an activity from this week's task.So basically you're meant to think about people with unusual jobs what did they do for play or relaxation? and Today I am answering this important question which is if your family are stranded on a deserted island, with nothing but your clothes.How will you entertain yourselves?.Have fun!
~Example from Miss W ~
I think about my great great grandfather who was a whaling captain in the 1870’s. He was stuck on a boat with thirty other men, maybe his wife and a child was also on board. What sort of things did the sailors do for relaxation out in the middle of the ocean?Here in Australia and New Zealand we have just celebrated ANZAC Day and we are thinking about the soldiers of the Great War – World War 1. If they weren’t fighting in the trenches or charging across the open ground, what could they do for relaxation? If they had been injured and were recuperating in a hospital tent, what could they be doing?

Saturday, 16 April 2016

What school lunch's are like in New Zealand

You might be wondering what school lunch's are like around New Zealand well luckily I'm here to give you the final answer. In New Zealand most kids in school bring their own lunches whether it's sandwiches,yogurt,bars,chips or a piece of fruit.Many schools around New Zealand has canteen/cafeteria it's actually quite popular.But did you know in this country we love being healthy and active which is why some schools in New Zealand are banned from fizzy drinks,lollies even peanut butter Let me tell you how the peanut butter situation all started with, well in my old primary school there were three kids allergic to peanut butter but they actually never realized how dangerous it was, so then it spread around the school which all equaled to seventeen people allergic to peanut butter.CrAzY! right.Did you also know that I once took peanuts to school and the teacher's never realized. And that's how the whole peanut butter situation was actually realistic.School lunches around NZ is actually quite relaxing and enjoyable with healthy snacks.Many parent's, teacher's in New Zealand encourage kids to eat healthy and be active.

Food, songs, stories etc popular in New Zealand

Good afternoon fellow friends.This is today's first student blogging challenge of the holidays.The theme this week (6) is our food and culture which means we get to bring our creativity and think about what is the most popular food,songs etc in your country and even get to learn each others countries popular food,songs etc.Have fun.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

ZOOMED out!! game

How you play is you have to imagine this photo zoomed in a photo or scene think of what is around it?, is this the start?, what happens after this scene? so then you eventually create a story in the comments using this image, you stop commenting when the story ends.
Thanks Pinterist for the image :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Nature is speaking video - Home #sharingtheplanet

Today in class we did writer's workshop and which meant we got to choose which element we would make a stand!! we got the creativity from conservation international.I chose home.It inspired my classroom a lot and hopefully you will too. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Creating your own image #16stubc

I decided to make my images as my hobbies.I used Canva to create the image.
Here's The link:
I would like to thank Meghana from my classroom for introducing Canva to our entire classroom and pinterist  for the images.
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Short Story relating to image |Can you finish my story??

On a beautiful night where the stars are sparkling like jewels,moonlight bursting into my peoples eyes and crystal clear water.It was perfect but not the most safest mountain you'll explore.It wall began with the legend of the mountains the most DANGEROUS! mountain in the country,people tried to warn him but he still won't listen.He wanted to prove himself that he is the bravest! men alive.He packed his bags filled with first aid kits,clothing etc and planned his trip.The first 347 steps he heard strange noises coming from the Wild, it was unexpected and unusual.He followed the noises and it lead him into a......

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Plump strawberries

ripe strawberries

bright red heart-shaped strawberries

Hiding under leafy greens.

Greens around strawberry

seeds make the strawberry eat.

Pinch the stem,

have some fun

twist the stem, almost done

Put the berry in your hand

better yet just eat it all up.

Postive note | Negative note

What was interesting? I thought what was interesting is how they got some of the parts of the Disney movies and made it into a copyright story type. Positive note: I liked how they explained what copyright is and how it was inspired from Disney. Negative note: They didn't really explain why is it sometimes difficult and including the part of the law.

Reflection on the student blogging video

Activity 1.
In this video i learnt that once someone has one copy of your picture they have the ability to make more exact copies and share them and they also have the ability to make changes but what if you don't want that.This is where the law comes in although anyone on the computer has the ability to share or change your creation because of copyright law they are **NOT** allowed to do that without your permission but its depending where you live they may have main rules.In United States this is called bear use.This also means that no one can make money from your work without your permission.