Thursday, 31 March 2016


Click on the image to lead you into a website game called geo gusser instructions on the website. Enjoy =)

3 top places i would love to visit

Click on the title Hawaii and it should leads you into a stunning website
I would love to visit Hawaii because I really want to dance to a professional hula and enjoy staying in a house on the water.


Click on the title America and it should lead you into a stunning website
I would love to visit America because I want to explore amazing! shopping malls such as target,Forever 21,Starbucks etc.


Click on the title Fiji and it should leave you into a stunning website
I would love to visit Fiji because I want to explore and swim in crystal clear water and maybe be able to stay at the beautiful hotel.

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A year in Hamilton♥️

♥️ Places to visit ♥️

Thursday, 24 March 2016

U.O.I - sharing the planet!

Make a difference
This video connects to line of inquiry 2 (sharing the planet).

Problems happening to our environment

*Trees are getting chopped off every year 
*Animals almost being instinct (animal abuse)
*Wasting food,clothing etc happening every year(waste disposal) 

What can we do to help?

*Plant more trees = oxygen
*Instead of wasting we can donate to those in need
*Pick Up Rubbish!
*Looking After Our Animals 


This video inspires me a lot.It explains what things are going wrong in our environment and how it can be fixed and how actions and decisions have consequences which effects the world.
Hopefully you like the video!!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Saving the environment! (destroying our planet)#16stubc

Today we live in a world where rubbish is everywhere and animals almost being instinct.Its horrible. Im writing this because i really care for the environment and i want you to help me by planting more trees,picking up rubbish,providing clean water/food for those in need.In 2005 3 to 6 billion trees were chopped off and we obviously need trees for us human beings to breathe.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Summative assessment task

Today in room9 we had to present our final presentation,we were put in groups by Mr Cameron. Group F (Rubeina,Stephanie,Jaxon,Jamie,Adam) made gingerbread and a cake shaped as a number nine it was delicious! group C (Sarah,Olivia,Rosie,Jessica,Cody) made a song to welcome room9. Group A (Meghana,Shavana,Hannah,Justin,Troy) made a movie with group F.All presentations were amazing!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Dissecting a sheep's heart #disgusting

Today in science we did the most EPIC!! experience!.We were dissecting sheep heats.It felt so squishy and cold, our task was to read the instructions and find the parts and cut little bit of them.I couldn't take it anymore So i quickly ran outside for some fresh! air.I would like to thank Miss Dromgool (science teacher),Miss Lock (student teacher) And Mr Cameron (my teacher) for a wonderful time in the science room and especially helping us out.